Undergraduate Admissions

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Information regarding the admissions process, requirements, deadlines, and fees is on the George Mason University Office of Admissions website.

Apply to the Social Work, BSW Program

Thank you for your interest in George Mason University's Social Work Department. We are pleased that you are considering GMU for your undergraduate studies in social work.

Mason Admissions Decisions

University admissions decisions are determined by George Mason University's Office of Admissions. The College of Public Health is unable to issue decisions on University admissions. Contact the George Mason Office of Admissions for information on admissions guidelines and requirements.

Social Work Major Admissions Requirements

Students may choose to declare social work as their major, but this does not automatically admit the student into the BSW Program. Students must be admitted to the major before being considered for a senior field placement. The application to major is typically submitted at the beginning of the spring semester of the junior year. All of the following criteria must be met in order to be admitted to the major:

  1. Completed at least 45 credit hours with a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher
  2. Have completed or be registered in BIOL 103, ENGH 101, SOCI 101, and PSYC 100
  3. Earned at least a "C" in SOCW 200, SOCW 357, SOCW 361, and at least two of the following courses: SOCW 311, SOCW 312, SOCW 375, SOCW 380
  4. Be enrolled in all other required 300-level SOCW courses
  5. Submitted an application for admission to the major by the deadline

Please note that students MUST complete all of the following courses (including the prerequisites) before the fall semester when you begin the senior field practicum: SOCW 200, SOCW 311, SOCW 312, SOCW 357, SOCW 361, SOCW 358, SOCW 362, SOCW 375, and SOCW 380.

Students who do not have a 2.50 cumulative GPA at the time of application will have their application returned and are advised to reapply when the required GPA is attained.  Students should see their advisor to discuss academic plans.

Although some students may be conditionally admitted during the semester, the admission is contingent upon maintaining or achieving a 2.50 GPA by the end of the semester.  Students not meeting this and all other requirements will not be admitted to major.  There is no admission to major in the summer.  Students who were unable to meet the required GPA of 2.50 for admission to major, but who are within the range of 2.40-2.49 and have completed all other requirements to be admitted to major, may be allowed to take courses during the first summer session only (Session A) in an effort to acquire the required GPA for admission of 2.50 and continuance into senior year.  The student's application for admission to the social work major is reviewed for action by social work faculty members. A personal interview may be required.

Admission to Major 2.50 GPA: Students who have difficulty achieving a 2.50 GPA for admittance to the social work major should consider getting special tutoring or re-evaluate their decision to major in social work.

Maintaining a 2.50 GPA:  Students who have difficulty maintaining a 2.50 GPA, once admitted to the major, should see their advisor for academic support.

Students who are eligible to apply for the major will receive instructions via their Mason email. The application deadline for this year is January 15, 2022.

Declare a Minor

  1. Print and fill out an Undergraduate Minor Declaration form (pdf).
  2. Submit the form to socw@gmu.edu.