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Social Work, BSW

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) students are provided a range of opportunities to develop a broad knowledge and skills base consistent with the systems and strengths perspectives. They are expected to practice using core social work values and to examine and resolve ethical dilemmas. Classroom and field experiences prepare students to be competent in the use of new technologies and in culturally sensitive, generalist social work practice. 


Aging Studies, Minor

Graduates with an educational background in aging - successful completion of courses with objectives or competencies specifically related to older adult issues- are in great demand in today's workforce and the need for these graduates keeps growing. Popular news headlines often point to the aging “baby boomer” generation and continue to predict ever-increasing job opportunities in the field of gerontology (aging). The minor in aging studies is an extremely relevant and applicable concentration for today’s graduates. 

Social Work, Minor

The minor in social work prepares students with an introduction to the social work profession and social welfare, as well as professional values, ethics, fields of practice, and settings in which social workers are employed. A minor in social work complements a major in nearly any field, including psychology, business, social sciences, or fine arts.