Social Work Stories

We love a good story, and as social workers, we have a lot of them that we are excited to share. We uniquely understand the importance of storytelling to the human narrative and are attuned to nuance. We also know that social workers impact the world in many ways, and our passions are often forged along our educational path. Listen to these stories of Mason social workers for a glimpse of experiences along their academic and professional journey. And remember, stay curious and be inspired!

Dr. Miriam Raskin Reflects on 50 Years of Social Work at Mason

Listen as Professor Sunny Harris Rome talks with Dr. Miriam Raskin about the Social Work Department’s growth and accomplishments over the years. The two share details and fond memories of their experiences as the department progressed to become one of the nation’s top learning communities. Consider your connection to Mason’s Social Work community and check out details of the upcoming 50th Anniversary celebration on May 14. Learn more and RSVP here.

Marianna Cardozo - BSW Alumni

Marianna Cardozo is a licensed clinical social worker, a certified personal trainer, and an ACE-certified health coach. Cardozo is the coordinator of the Arlington County Healthy Living Program, which provides health and wellness support to individuals living in recovery from mental health and substance use issues. She approaches her practice from the perspective that health and well-being should be self-defined and self-determined, with an emphasis on developing intuitive, compassionate, and trusting relationships with ourselves. 

Cardozo has a Bachelor of Social Work from George Mason University and a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Maryland at Baltimore. In addition to therapeutic health coaching and program management, Cardozo has experience with community organizing, child and family counseling, juvenile justice, domestic violence and victim advocacy, and medical case management. Marianna enjoys supporting other social workers in their journey through the field and currently supervises MSW students.