Evelyn Tomaszewski Appointed to International Federation of Social Work United Nations Commission


Mason faculty member to provide perspectives on social justice and social work as representative for the International Federation of Social Work to the UN for North America. 

Evelyn Tomaszewski

Evelyn Tomaszewski, Master of Social Work program director and assistant professor, was appointed to a four-year term as a United Nations (UN) Commissioner for the International Federation of Social Work (IFSW). As one of five commissioners for North America, she will bring a social work perspective to the UN and the UN agencies and work towards joint action based on social work principles and highlight social solutions that can be achieved through applying the social work principles as a framework for achieving social justice, inclusive participatory democracy, sustainable peaceful societies, and social transformation for equality and rights. Tomaszewski has been asked to lead IFSW’s efforts related to the UN’s High-Level Meetings (HLM) and High-Level Political Forums (HLPF) as well. 

“The appointment to represent IFSW as a United Nations Commissioner provides a unique opportunity to connect with and build partnerships and collaborations with social workers from across the globe,” said Tomaszewski. “My role as a commissioner will allow me to increase the visibility and importance of social work on an international scale and tie social work into the UN’s global public health work. As a faculty member, I am equally excited about the real-time learning opportunities for students interested in the social worker’s role and leadership in promoting global human rights.” 

Tomaszewski has been involved with the IFSW as a representative to the UN for more than a decade. Through her previous positions, she attended the UN HLM on HIV/AIDS, HLM non-communicable diseases (NCDs), and HLPF sustainable development (SDGs). She has continued participation in HLMs while at Mason, and her impeccable work throughout the years led to her appointment as a commissioner. 

The UN Commission is comprised of representatives from the five IFSW regions. IFSW is the global body for the social work profession.